CBD Canna Roller

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Hemplix has carefully designed this CBD Canna Roller using 300mg of high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract along with marmot extract, and rosemary and cinnamon oil. This luxurious balm is non-GMO and independently lab-tested to make it as safe as possible for use. You get 50ml of this Swiss made product in each container with a perfect combination of selected ingredients and natural plant extracts.

The Cannaroller can be used several times a day without hesitation.

    • Flavor: Natural Flavor
    • Cannabinoid content: The CBD content is 300mg of the total content
    • THC content: less than 0.2%
    • Bottle size: 50 ml
    • Made in: 100% Switzerland
    • Ingredients: Spiritus Vini gallici, isopropanol, iuniperi spiritus, glycerolum, cannabis sativa seed crude oil, isolate, vanilla butyl her, adeps marmotte conservata*, aurantium dulcis corticis aetheroleum, rosmarini aetheroleum, and cinnamomi aetheroleum. *Marmot extract is an animal derivative which means that this product is not suitable for vegans.

CBD is found in hemp products. It is one of the cannabinoids and is the best-known cannabinoid next to THC. Only in recent years has the name CBD gained any social relevance, before that the ingredient was largely unknown and unexplored.

CBD differs from THC in many ways. Probably the most crucial difference is the non-psychoactive effect of CBD. States of intoxication caused by CBD are almost impossible. THC, on the other hand, has an intoxicating effect. The sale and consumption of THC is therefore prohibited or only partially permitted in connection with a medical application and under strict conditions.

Anyone who buys CBD – in whatever form – should primarily pay attention to the quality. Because: Depending on the manufacturing process and manufacturer, CBD can be contaminated in the worst case. It is also possible that pesticides or other chemicals are used. That is why you should find a trustworthy supplier who values a high-quality product. Good starting points are, for example, organic hemp or indoor cultivation. If in doubt, we will be happy to advise you and explain more about our high-quality products and their manufacturing process.


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